An exciting new project

The Project

Valletts House is an exciting new project, bringing so much to the area. We have teamed up with Bolton & Bury Swifts to help them reach there local goals.

Bolton based Louise Bentley is a Volunteer Conservation Officer for the RSPB and volunteers locally for Lancashire Wildlife Trust. In 2016, concerned about the decline of urban birds and Swifts in particular, she set up Bolton and Bury Swifts. The group is part of the Bolton Green Umbrella an expanding network of volunteers, committed to improve the local environment, for all of its inhabitants, across the town.

Swifts are the ultimate urban bird and have nested alongside us for centuries, sadly as we renovate our homes, we can often exclude them unintentionally. In Smithills, however, there is still a fabulous colony, nesting alongside House Martins too, quite special to still have both birds. From May look out for the dark, arrowhead silhouettes of Swifts skimming the skies and listen for their thrilling screams as they perform rooftop displays, to rival the Red Arrows. Remarkably, from fledgling their rooftop nest, a young Swift will remain airborne for up to 4 years before touching land. These summer visitors do us a great service, consuming billions of pest insects each year, alongside bringing great joy.